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What is a Goby?

Round Goby Round gobies are an extremely prolific forage fish present in all of the Great Lakes. This exotic species was accidently introduced to the Great Lakes system by way of ocean-going freighters' ballast water. As freighters travel from the Black and Caspian Seas to the Great Lakes, they are forced to discharge of their ballast waters due to the shallow depths of Lake Erie and St. Clair. When doing so, all the organisms and fish that were drawn into the ballast water are forced out. Today, such ballast discharges are better regulated to prevent the movement of exotics.

It's estimated that the round goby was introduced in the Great Lakes system around 1990. All species of predator fish, including bass, walleye, muskies and large trout shifted a portion of their feeding habits to include gobies, with the most noted transition occurring in smallmouth bass. By 2005, biologists confirmed what fishermen already knew: up to 90% of the diet of smallmouth bass in Lake Erie is comprised of gobies. Today, fishermen for all major Great Lakes species are seeing noted shifts in their quarry's habits. Walleye, lake trout and pike fishermen are catching goby-eating fish.

Joe Balog's Goby Replica™ is the most realistic goby bait ever created. The bait is heavy and hugs the bottom; just like a real goby. The Goby Replica™ lays upright at rest, balanced perfectly on its pectoral fins. The fins lightly kick when the bait is moved, just like a real goby, with a slow swimming action from the boot tail. Initial field tests resulted in incredible catches both shallow and deep - the Great Lakes angler is only limited by imagination when using the Goby Replica™.

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